Why Cycle Shoes? Here Are 3 Reasons!
Posted on September 4, 2017 in REV Wellness

At REV Cycle, we strive to offer our clients the best possible experience and one way we do that is by offering you FREE cycle shoes to borrow for class. We know the true benefits of cycle shoes when spinning, which is why we don't charge you a penny for them. We want you to see for yourself.

Yes, sneakers that fit in the cages work. But, we’ll be honest with you: “clipping in” is so much more beneficial for you and your workout on the bike. Here’s why:


If you use spin shoes, you will get more out of those 45 minutes on the bike. When you “clip in” your foot is basically attached to the pedal, all the energy you give is directly going toward that pedal as opposed to being absorbed by the cushion of your sneaker. Your foot is “locked in,” which helps transfer power more smoothly with each stroke - especially during heavy climbs.  Moreover, the stiff sole of the shoe keeps your foot from flexing, which in turn reduces fatigue and cramping that can happen when wearing sneakers.


Because cycling shoes are locked in place, you are immediately put in better alignment on the bike - more so than if you were wearing regular sneakers. Spinning is a very low impact workout, but most of the injuries stem from poor alignment.  Proper alignment on the bike is crucial to avoid knee, hip, and ankle injuries. Cycle shoes automatically set you up for better success than straps.  “Clipping in” guarantees a safer ride by greatly reducing the risk of your foot slipping out of the straps.


With power and stability, you now have the equation that sets you up for a better workout on the bike - a more efficient “push-pull” motion.  By “push-pull,” we are talking about the way in which you push down on the pedal as well as pull up. (Don’t forget the ever-important pull up!!) With sneakers, the pull is virtually non-existent, excluding the hamstrings from any sort of work.  Cycle shoes give you the chance to stay powerful and stable on the upstroke, leading to a more efficient input and output of energy.  Without this push-pull, you’re not getting the most out of the class nor are you receiving balanced muscle development.

Now that you are more clear on the benefits of spin shoes, give them a try next time you take class!  And, if you’re an avid spinner, we highly recommend looking into your own pair.  The best part? REV proudly partners with Race Pace! All you have to do is grab a card from the front desk and give it to Race Pace to get 10% off.

REV will also be hosting Race Pace in house at McHenry Row and Brewers Hill in the Fall. If you’re really interested in taking the plunge, we suggest planning your purchase around these dates because Race Pace will have shoes on sale at a deep discount and will be able to put your cleats on in-house making sure you can clip in and clip out easily. See dates below:

McHenry Row: Saturday, October 7th

Brewers Hill: Saturday, September 30th

You are an athlete, and it’s important to take the reigns and own your gear - that’s how you know you’ve hit the next level. At REV, we are always climbing… and spin shoes will absolutely help!

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