Why REV is Family!
Posted on September 17, 2017 in REV Community

Jordan Paley is one of the longest-working front desk employees at REV.  She would be quick to say that one of REV’s strongest qualities is the way it treats its employees like family.  REV has impacted Jordan’s life in many ways just as her diligence, loyalty, and positive attitude has had an immense impact on the REV tribe in return.

Jordan grew up in Albany, NY.  Her sister was already living in Baltimore and encouraged her to make the move in 2011 after Jordan graduated from college.  She took the chance and made the huge leap.  It was a new city, new people, a new life, and Jordan never thought she’d end up at a place like REV.

“I came across REV through my friend, Mindy, who also worked at the front desk.” She started working in 2015 just after REV first opened its doors to the city of Baltimore.  Jordan has stayed with REV throughout its journey to become one of the best fitness studios in Baltimore.

“REV has really found its brand and has gotten a lot more involved in the Baltimore community,” said Jordan.  For Jordan, community is crucial.  She makes the effort to know the names of every single client that comes to the studio.  In fact, her favorite thing to do is interact with clients.  “I love when someone realizes I know his or her name,” Jordan said.  “Their face usually lights up and it’s apparent that it means a lot to them.” It’s this genuine enthusiasm Jordan brings to the studio that makes REV a real tribe.

Outside of REV, Jordan works a full-time job for a non-profit called Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust.  She doesn’t consider REV to be “work” - she considers it to be “fun.”  For Jordan, the best part about working at REV is all of the great friends she’s made since she began the job.  “It doesn’t feel like ‘work’ when I’m there because I’m hanging out with my friends and doing something I love.”

From co-workers and clients to her bosses, REV is Jordan’s second family. Her boss, Rick Zambrano, has had an immense impact on her life not only as a boss and friend but as a mentor.  “I know I can always go to Rick with any problem and he will always be there for me.  Rick has taught me a lot about life and has set the standard very high for how a boss should be!”

Jordan is a leader in the studio, and her work ethic and positive attitude has also set the standard in the studio.  She works diligently and influences her co-workers to do the same, yet she always remains laid-back, caring, and fun.  REV has introduced Jordan to amazing people and life-long friends, yet REV in turn would not be the same without her.  The energy and commitment Jordan brings to the studio truly embodies what the REV tribe is all about.

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