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Badass Mom - Kate Perez
Posted on May 13, 2018 in REV Community

If you had to think of one word to describe your mother, what would it be?

At REV, Mother’s Day is a day that brings joy, light, and most importantly gratitude to our lives. It is a day where we officially pause - stop pedaling - and thank our moms. Whether it is sacrificing their own well-being for ours, shifting their schedules so ours can work, or putting their personal goals on the back burner so we can achieve our own, many of us do not realize how much our moms do. So this Mother’s Day season, we want to address each and every REV mom and say: thank you for being the fearless figures in our lives who simply do it all.

Kate Perez has been a REV client since the studio’s opening. As a mom to her now 13-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, Kate was forced to limit her REV schedule when her kids were too young to stay home alone. Today, her kids are old enough to stay home alone. As a mom, something this simple makes a world of difference. Kate and her husband are able to go to REV together instead of performing a balancing act where they would switch off taking care of the kids while the other was at REV. “Before, we had less time to work out… but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” Kate said.

The irony in life often lies in the hardships of parenting - after years of trying to balance her fitness with mothering, it was Kate’s daughter who convinced her to sign up for the 30/20 Hustle Challenge this spring. “I was hesitant to sign up, and then my daughter was like, ‘Mom, you got this, be strong.’” As a fearless and determined mother, Kate shows her kids how to be committed. While there are some days she simply cannot get to REV, there are other days where she will say no in order for a sweat sesh on the bike. As parents, Kate and her husband are constantly setting the example of routine and balance for their kids. “They encourage us to do this. And we want to show them that we are committed. We want to show them that they can juggle a lot of things, and you have to pick your priorities.”

As someone who never stops giving to her own family, Kate has been able to find a small niche in her own life where she can really focus on herself - even just for 45 minutes. “REV helps me balance my life between a stressful and intense job and going home to be present for my kids.” It has pushed Kate to find the next level in her fitness. The motivation and challenge of each class has allowed her to explore a place where she can push her body through physical tasks - tasks that extend even beyond those of motherhood. Walking out of the spin or barre room, Kate ultimately returns to her daily life with a sharpened set of tools.

Motherhood is something that cannot be understood until you take on the challenge yourself - and “challenge” is a vast understatement. Everyday, the mothers in our community show us how to fight for happiness with perseverance and love. They show us how those days that seem impossible are temporary. And Kate knows firsthand that it gets easier, especially with a supportive group of people surrounding you. “Find your tribe. Get to know them and help each other out. Having it all is a cliché statement, but you don’t have to give everything up - you just have to be dedicated and creative.”

So…. have you figured out what word you would use to describe your mom or a mother figure in your life like Kate? How about: fucking bad-ass.

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