NEW Cycle Class: REVIntervals + Arms
Posted on May 13, 2018 in REV Wellness

When it comes to your fitness, it is integral to keep challenging yourself and reaching for new heights. Even if you’re still getting a good sweat from your workout, it’s possible to become stagnant in a fitness routine that no longer provides you with the opportunities to hit the next level.

At REV, plateauing does not exist - we got you covered. We’d like to introduce the newest class on REV’s sched: REVIntervals + Arms.

“Even before opening our doors in 2014, we had a clear vision for REV – challenging, no bullshit cycle classes with the best of the best instructors in Baltimore. After a few short months, we introduced REVBlast, with just three classes, for clients who wanted a full-body workout in 45-minutes. We actually used to move the front row bikes into the lobby and do the ‘Blast’ portions on floor. Quickly, we saw there was demand for this class so we updated the REVBlast format to what it is today. Four years later, we have more REVBlast classes on schedule than REV45!” said Esther Collinetti, co-owner of REV Cycle Studio. As REV has grown, our client’s needs have also grown. REV strives to help everyone achieve their goals so the idea of launching a new cycle format came directly from feedback of the #REVtribe. Esther Collinetti explains, “We hear you, and we are constantly working towards making this the best place for you to reach your fitness goals all the while inspiring you to live the life you love.”

Unlike REV45, REVIntervals + Arms is focused on interval training with two blast portions. While our signature REVBlast class includes one blast arm segment, this new class gives you an additional chance to burn out that upper body. Because it is an interval based workout, REVIntervals + Arms will spike your heart rate as you torch calories. You will walk out feeling a complete, full body burn.

If you are looking for the next level in your fitness journey, this is it. We are here to help you to continue to surpass your goals and inspire you to make new ones that are even bigger. If you are already an avid spin junkie, take advantage of this total body workout that will challenge you in a new way.

REVIntervals + Arms Schedule:

McHenry Row

  • Monday 7:00AM with Barbara
  • Wednesday 6:00AM with Maddison
  • Thursday 4:30PM with Kelly

Brewers Hill

  • Monday 6:30AM with Jami
  • Tuesday 5:30PM with Kelly
  • Thursday 5:30PM with Ashlee

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