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Why We Barre - Top 5 Reasons!
Posted on August 13, 2017 in REV Wellness

REV barre instructors Janet & Noelle

It’s a common question that runs through the fitness world: “What the hell is this barre thing and why should I try it?”

We’re here to give you the facts. Listen up!

What is the deal with THE Barre??

Yes, there is a “ballet barre,” but rest assure this is no ballet class.  This barre might as well be a piece of PVC pipe screwed into the wall for our purposes. The barre - like the bike, the kettle bell, the bosu ball - is merely a tool used to balance to enhance your overall workout.

If you’re wondering why one would need to balance in a barre class, we’re glad you asked. Balance is the foundation of barre. When you’re isolating specific muscles to the point of glorious burning fatigue, stability and balance are crucial to receive the most benefits out of this workout.

So that’s where the name comes from. Now here’s why you should really try this now!


If it was easy, it wouldn’t be at REV

Up an inch, down an inch, that’s it – easy enough, right?! … WRONG. Barre's many reps of tiny movements isolate and tone each specific muscle that is working.  These “squeezes” and “pulses” are otherwise known as isometric moves and are designed to fatigue your muscles to failure. You will literally feel like you can’t hold on. But this is REV - so suck it up, embrace that feeling, and finish it!

It’s all about that full body workout

Each class focuses on arms first while every movement syncs to the beat of the music.  The focus (and the burn) then moves to thighs, and later hits the glutes. The final muscle worked is the core. After this full body tone session, you stretch it all out and leave the room feeling strengthened and invigorated. Need a day off from spin but still want cardio? Our new BARRECardio class will really get your heart pumping - give it a go!

Face it, we all need to work our core more

Even though the abs portion is at the end of class, the entire class is based around your core. In other words, your core is involved in each concentrated movement, even when you’re focusing on your booty! A stronger, more stable core leads to taller posture and is key to injury prevention. Not to mention, more sculpted abs… never a bad thing!

Barre improves your spin game

Because it helps to develop more efficient muscles, you will feel and see the difference in those watts and miles in the spin room. Barre classes offer major toning and strengthening opportunities to spinners who don't work those muscles in the same way. Just like balance is crucial in barre, it’s also crucial in life. A balanced workout routine leads to optimal results.

Watch your body transform

Barre not only helps to build lean muscle mass, it also raises your resting metabolic rate. In other words, it will help you produce more energy and expend more calories. One of the most unique aspects is the way it redistributes inches on your body (balance), making you look and feel longer and leaner. Need proof? Talk to some of our regulars and see for yourself!

Are you ready to try REVBarre?

We know you are and we can’t wait to see you in class. A great first class would be our upcoming BARRE101 with Amanda on Saturday, August 26th. Or pop into any of our classes on the schedule and we will guide you through it, step by step!

Submitted by: Janet Roa & Noelle Hewitt, barre instructors at REV Cycle Studio.


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