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Posted on February 25, 2018 in REV Wellness

Hey, REV Fam!

This week, we sat down with a few of our amazing spin and barre instructors to get some of their beauty tips and skincare advice. Having a face cleansing routine is crucial to healthy, clear skin especially when you’re working up a sweat on a regular basis. Facial cleansing products remove dirt, oil, and other unwanted bacteria that could cause those frustrating impurities and potential breakouts. Take a look at what Chelsea, Nicole, Jackie, Esther, and - yes - even Nick have to say about their face cleansing routines as well as some of the specific products they use to get and keep that REV glow!


Want to know how Chelsea keeps her flow? Check out her disciplined routine and the products she swears by!

“I first use Aha/Bha exfoliating cleanser. Then I slap on my Peter Thomas Roth Hydra Gel Eye Patches and lay down for 10 minutes.

I rub the gel in after I remove them and follow up with either my Lancome Energie de vie Nuit at night or Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 in the morning…

And don't forget to moisturize your body! Burt's Bees body oil mixed with Lubriderm is legit!


Nicole has great theory when it comes to skin care - taking care of your skin is like taking care of your body. You have to change up your workouts to keep your body from getting used to the same workouts over and over, possibly beginning to plateau in results.

“I switch up my products kind of regularly because my skin seems to respond well to different things (just like exercise for your body) so this is what I'm currently using:

I always start with a makeup cleaning cloth - I like the Pond's Evening Soothe ones.

As a pore cleansing 'scrub' I use the Burt's Bees brightening daily facial cleanser - it's not harsh so it doesn't dry your skin out, which I always struggle with in the winter time.  

I am using Aveeno overnight hydrating facial as my night moisturizer - it's super light weight and non greasy. 

 I definitely try to do a sheet mask once a week, and my favorite ones are the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold ones. They seriously make your face glow when you feel like you need to brighten things up!”


Now check out Jackie’s secret ingredient to flawless skin… we’ll bet you never would have guessed!

“I use Murad face cleanser in the morning and evening. Once a week I exfoliate with baking soda. That’s my secret!”


Between teaching spin classes, training for Ironmans, and running a business, this powerhouse needs a quick and effective facial cleaning routine that can keep up with all her sweating.

“My cleansing routine post sweats?  Fuck I use my own sweat! 

No, seriously, what I do post each sweat is strip down naked, towel off and put on fresh clothes.  If I am headed for a run, bike or swim training, on my face I use Burt’s Bees cucumber & sage facial towelette, I apply Aesop parsley seed eye cream, followed by Coola cucumber face moisturizer spf 30 and finish off with GM Collin marine collagen mist.

For my morning and night facial cleaning routine, when I use water and a sink….. it’s all GM Collin products.”


Last, but certainly not least… Nick shares with us his routine on how he stays beautiful. It sure does vary a bit, but it seems to work for him. Take a look.

“Sometimes I trim my beard. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I use olive oil to up my shine. Sometimes I don’t. Mostly I’m just lucky if I remember to put on pants.”

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