REV Giftmas
Posted on April 19, 2024 in REV Community

When the holiday season first rolls ‘round, so too does the requisite holiday anxiety. You’re asking yourself, “What on earth do I get everyone?” Lucky for you, your REV instructors recommended a few of their favorite items that we think will fit the bill for those fitness junkies in your life. Or you know, treat yourself ‘cause you deserve it!

Gym Chic From Head to Toe

Athleisure is a totally appropriate gift for anyone. It’s a way to sport your favorite gym apparel anytime, anywhere. So why not give the gift of chic athletic wear?

The weather outside may be frightful, but Maddison has got you covered! Stay warm on your way to and from the studio in her favorite puffer jacket! Want something a little more cozy? Barb has been eyeing this sherpa 1/4 zip-up; “it looks comfy and cozy and I just want to wrap myself up in it”!

Not looking for a jacket? Hannah loves a good scarf “And it's only $50!! I've gotten this for every woman in my life and have also received it as a gift. Obsessed!”

Cool Kicks: No outfit is complete without some fresh kicks! Barb likes these in red “red because they are cool AF” and we agree!”

Self Care:

It’s winter, cracked, dry skin is unavoidable and we can’t forget how sweaty we all get taking classes at the studio. So we’ve got to take care of ourselves! A favorite of Jackie’s when it comes to taking care of her skin is Fre’ Skin Care’s line of face wash, moisturizer and creams. Or if you are looking to add a sun kissed look to your skin because #winteriscoming and Barb doesn’t promote tanning beds and would rather watch Netflix on her couch than go get a spray tan, she swears by these little wonder drops. “1-2 drops in your moisturizer will give you a beautiful glow which is all you need anyways because the rest of your body is covered up in a Kanye sweatsuit. Just make sure you wash your hands well after application so they don't turn orange like mine did…”  Take care of yourself and add this to your Christmas list!

The Holidays are a busy time of year and everyone is running around like crazy getting to holiday parties, traveling and trying to stick to a workout routine. Don’t opt for junk food because you don’t have time to cook! Noelle likes to use these meal prep containers so you can stick to that healthy diet and never worry about having to cook dinner at 10pm! Hint: these are a great gift idea for those 2020 resolutioners!

Good Reads

Come on, sometimes it’s good for the spin addict to sit back and relax with a good book, a cookbook to be exact. We are all for indulging a bit over the Holidays, but you can also cook delicious and nutritious foods that everyone will go crazy for at all those parties you have to attend.

Cookbooks: Nourish your body, mind and soul by whipping up a few recipes from “The Yoga Kitchen”, a favorite of Charlotte’s when it comes to making home-cooked meals.

Must-Read: Ashlee is a huge fan of David Goggins, his book “Can’t Hurt Me,” is always a great stocking stuffer in her opinion!


Spotify Membership:

Music is a gift lots of people can appreciate. Did you and your pal absolutely LOVE the tunes in your last spin or barre class? Give the gift of a Spotify membership! This way, your #fitfam can keep up with their favorite instructor’s music.

Gift of the #REVfam

REV Gift Card and Sweat Life:

What better way to get more quality time with your #revtribe than by gifting a REV gift card! That’s exactly what Ashlee is doing for her family! It’s a gift that keeps on givin’- REV classes, REV merchandise AND more REV Community. To us, it’s priceless.

Traveling over the holidays and worried about sticking to a workout regiment? Yes, you can run or find a spin studio (it won’t be the same experience as you have at REV), but if those aren’t options where you are traveling, Jackie recommends bringing these resistance bands so you can do your own barre workout and keep those muscles strong! They are also great stocking stuffers!



Last but not least, gift yourself, your friends, and family the gift of YOUR TIME! The best part, this one doesn’t cost a thing. It’s easy to say you’re busy, but giving someone the gift of your time is precious, definitely on their list, and won’t soon be forgotten.

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