The Dog Days of Summer at REV
Posted on August 4, 2019 in REV Community

The dog days of summer – also known as the hot, humid, unbearable summer days between July 3rd and August 11th – are upon us. Even dogs are panting from the heat! To go along with this time of the year, we thought it only fitting to highlight our team’s furry companions! These guys and gals bring so much joy, we want to share the love and show you why!

What Kind of Dog Do You Have and What Are Their Names and Ages?

Amanda: American Bulldog, Lucy, aka Loosey Goose, aka Donks (7)


Charlotte: Black Lab, Camden (4). Corgi, Sir Winston Corghill (9 months)

Camden & Sir Winston Corgill

Hannah: Golden Retriever, Bixby (1.5)


Jami: Australian Sheppard, Franklin (5) IG: @Franklintheaussie

Jami & Franklin

Kelly: Mini golden doodle, Remy Edmund Berger (3)

Kelly & Remy

Maddison: An English Mastiff, Lola (8) and a Bull Mastiff, Betty White (7)

Lola & Betty White

Nicole: Yorkie-Poo, Fiona (5)


Noelle: English Bulldog, Bogey (2)

Noelle & Bogey

Rick: English Springer Spaniel, Millie (15 months)

Rick & Millie

What Do You Love Most About Your Dog?

Amanda: I love pretty much everything about her because we are basically co-dependent. But one of the best things about her is that she makes lots of people happy - almost every time we go for a walk someone will want to come up and pet her.

Charlotte: I love that they are so snuggly and loving. They are so full of life and energy you can't help but smile when you see them. And best of all, I LOVE the greeting I get whenever I get home; the best site is seeing them freaking out at the front door when my car pulls up.

Hannah: He is such a happy dog! He puts everyone in a good mood 😀

Jami: Come on... those baby blues

Kelly:How smart, athletic and loyal he is

Maddison: I love how loving they both are, there is nothing they love more than a good snuggle!

Nicole: She is so loving! She greets everybody she meets with LOTS of kisses and has great energy!

Noelle: He’s the sweetest thing, and I love when he snuggles on my lap or shares my pillow (except when he snores in my face). He wiggles when he’s excited and he’s a fan of plopping down on my laptop when I’m trying to make a playlist. Like most bulldogs, he has two modes: playful and completely lazy. Lazy Bogey is the best. For instance, he refuses to get out of bed until his breakfast is out.

Rick: Her crazy energy!

What is Your Favorite Activity To Do With Your Dog?

Amanda: Walks! She particularly loves kids and puppies. She isn’t the smartest dog, but she is definitely the sweetest

Charlotte: Snuggles, all the snuggles. And hiking, you can just tell how much fun they are having on every hike.

Hannah: We walk around Patterson Park a few times a day. He’s a big fan of all the squirrels haha. He also loves to swim!

Jami: Running in the trails or being at the beach. Anything that involves us being able to be outside, no leash and some sort of activity.

Kelly: Play frisbee and cuddle

Maddison: Betty loves to play tug of war, and Lola loves lay outside in the sunshine!

Nicole: She loves long walks around Riverside Park or Fort McHenry

Noelle: Aside from going to the Locust Point dog park, our favorite thing is to cozy up on the couch to watch a movie or a show.

Rick: Walking to Riverside Park to play fetch

What Is The Worst Thing Your Dog Has Ever Done?

Amanda: She doesn’t really do anything wrong, though she is pretty lazy and walking a mile is about her limit.

Charlotte: We used to have a finished basement...then Camden ate the entire wall to wall carpeting when we first got her. It was a blessing in disguise because I love the hardwood we installed after anyway.

Hannah: Honestly, he is the best dog. He really hasn't done anything THAT bad. I guess I'm a super lucky dog mom!

Jami: Eating multiple things off the counter tops, steak, cookies, peanut butter, you name.. he figured out how to get it off the counter. Or walking in the bathroom when we have guests over, we have to warn them to lock the door because he knows how to open the doors.

Kelly: Nothing he’s an angel duh! Just kidding, sometimes he takes the toilet paper off the holder and runs around my apartment with it when I am gone. Basically TP’s my apartment

Maddison: Betty (our darker colored Bull Mastiff) broke into the industrial size bag of pig ears in our pantry, proceeded to eat about 12, and then vomited all over the house. The icing on top of the cake, our roomba went through the puke and left vomit trails all over the place.

Nicole: She is a really good dog! She hasn't done anything really that bad. The funniest "bad" thing she did once though was grab the end of the toilet paper roll and run away with it in her mouth so the entire roll unraveled. She has a very playful side! She also grabbed a small weight in her mouth once while at a friends house and ran over with it. She clearly wanted to work out!

Noelle: Bogey is infamous for his destruction of couches, particularly our office couch. I have a great video from his first incident. You’d think most dogs would run and hide, but I came home to find him chewing his bone in the middle of a HUGE pile of fluff. I had to contain my laughter.

Rick: Nothing! Millie is an Angel!

If Your Dog Could Talk, What Would They Say About You?

Charlotte: They would say I need to tone down the LOUD puppy voice

Jami: My mom is always on the go and doesn't sit still. She hides chocolates too from my dad so he doesn't eat it all, but I know the hiding spots.

Kelly: My mom is the best 🤣

Maddison: “Where does she go all day, and why is she always so sweaty??”

Nicole: My mom loves to snuggle on the couch at the end of a long day

Noelle: Stop squishing my face and giving me so many kisses, mom.

Rick: "It's not my fault I have ADHD, he makes me crazy cuz he can’t sit still!"

They Say Dogs and Their Owners Look Alike, Would You Agree?

Amanda: Pretty sure we don’t look alike.

Charlotte: an extent. I would say Camden has RBF and so do I. And Winston suffers from short-limb syndrome...and so do I. 🙂

Hannah: Haha probably not? You decide!

Jami: I don't know about that, but Franklin is my spirit animal for sure. Running, food, sleep, and repeat

Kelly: Yup!

Maddison: Completely agree! Lola and I have the same personality and looks, the same goes for Betty and my husband Mike!

Nicole: I would say yes - we both have long legs!

Noelle: Haha! Although he’s super cute, I hope I don’t look like my dog.

Rick: Maybe...she has big ears and I have big ears...her hair is black & white and so is mine!

Lucky for us, we can escape the heat and have our version of these "Dog Days" by putting our feet up, sipping on a cold beverage, watching the sunset over the Harbor and flipping through these adorable dog photos from our REV team. #BeatTheHeatAtREV!

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