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Four Winter Wellness Tips
Posted on November 26, 2017 in REV Wellness

Stay happy and healthy this season with the following Winter wellness tips!

1. Moisturizer and Lip Balm

As the temperature drops and the air turns dry, your skin’s moisture tends to evaporate, creating a dryness and flakiness with which we are all familiar. Moisturizers and lip balms are great assets in keeping skin in soft, glowing condition throughout the winter. Moisturizers that are made of all natural ingredients are best.

Here are some of the products used by our very own kick-ass REV instructors:

Sam: “I use Neosporin… I swear by it. so weird, but prevents chapped lips!”

Barb: “Aquaphor. I use it always.”

Jami: “Coconut and celestial body care lip balm and body butter. Made locally!”

Jaime: "Baby Lips, haha, by Maybelline." 

2. Drink Your Fluids

Part of keeping your skin healthy and hydrated comes from drinking enough water - something we all tend to forget when it’s already freezing outside and we may not feel the usual thirst sensation we do in the heat; however, not only does water keep your body hydrated and your skin healthy, it helps to regulate body temperature in the cold weather. Proper hydration gives your immune system extra protection and helps combat flus and viruses that spread more easily in the cold winter months.

Try drinking warm beverages to stay hydrated like teas or hot water with lemon. Be sure to steer clear of too many drinks with dehydrating effects like sugary sodas, caffeinated beverages, and, yes…alcohol.

Some of our instructor’s favorite ways to stay hydrated are:

Kelly: “I love La Croix to get some flavor. I always have one in the afternoon.

Jami: “Water with Nuun all day because of the electrolytes and vitamins.

Barb: “My go-to after a long run or class is some Powerade zero to get some sugar and electrolytes.

Jaime: "I always chug a glass right when I wake up and then I love Zico coconut water throughout the day."

3. Wash Your Hands

Whether it’s winter or not, you should always be in the habit of washing your hands. But when temperatures drop, you’re even more susceptible to germs and viruses that love the cold, dry air. To decrease your risk of getting sick, take 30 seconds to scrub - if you don't have 30 seconds, grab some of the hand sanitizer that is always available in the lobby.

The worst part about getting sick is not being able to do things you want to do, like your REV classes. Keep scrubbing so you can keep riding and tucking!

Try these instructor favorites to up your hand washing game:

Jami: “My fav hand sanitizer is the lavender EO from Whole foods… the best.

Esther: “I use lavender EO!

Jaime: “Anything pomegranate scented!”

4. Food Swaps for Cravings

Those of us who love winter, love the idea of all that winter brings - snuggling up under a blanket, drinking hot chocolate, baked goods, delicious holiday meals and the list goes on. Studies have shown that winter has a tendency to trigger cravings; because with less sunlight throughout the season, the serotonin levels in our brain are less active, which makes us crave those sweet carbs a little more than usual.

When re-fueling after a cardio-intense workout like spin, try and swap those extra sugary foods for healthier choices like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, or avocado toast. Maintaining a steady protein intake level will also help to satisfy some of those cravings.

Like any time of the year, a healthy winter diet is all about balance. Remember to enjoy it, no stress! We are here for you to work it out and burn it off!

Check out our instructor’s favorite healthy snack options and give them a try:

Kelly: “Apple and peanut butter is my go-to snack.

Sam: “Homemade smoothie and kettle corn!

Jami: “Roasted cashews… simple and easy!

Barb: “Healthy snack of choice is an Rx bar…snack of choice unhealthy is chips and queso!

Jaime: “Quick and easy, Lara Bar – Nut & Seed Dark Chocolate + Almond”

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