Updated Instructor Schedule
Posted on November 12, 2017 in REV Community

At REV, you train with the best! Our instructors work overtime so you can get the sweat you want and deserve. Check out the classes they have recently added to their regular schedule and visit them at their new time slots!

View the full schedule here.

McHenry Row

Kelly: Tuesday’s 7:00AM REVBlast

Maddison: Wednesday’s 6:00AM REV45

Nicole: Wednesday’s 6:00AM BARRECardio

Ashlee: Wednesday’s 7:00AM REV45

Charly: Friday’s 6:00AM BARRECardio

Eddie: Friday's 5:30PM REV45

Brewers Hill

Hannah: Monday’s 6:30PM REV45

Hannah:  Thursday’s 7:00AM REV45 (NEW CLASS)

Jaime: Wednesday’s 5:30PM REVBlast

Gabby: Tuesday’s 7:00AM REV45

Gabby: Wednesday’s 6:30PM REVBlast

Sam: Friday’s 6:00AM REVBlast

Ashlee: Sunday’s REV45 9:00AM (NEW CLASS)

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